Church Planting

Church Planting / Gospel Multiplication

We believe that one feature of a healthy church is not a focus on how many people the church draws in but rather on the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ that is the transforming power of God to save, sanctify and send out for the glory of God. Therefore, we strive to be a God-glorifying, gospel-centered, church-planting church.

While salvation is ultimately a work of God alone we do boldly proclaim the gospel and prayerfully anticipate gospel transformation in the Triad and thus the necessity of planting churches locally and globally.

One way we anticipate planting is by local multiplication through our gospel communities. It is our desire to see the gospel of Jesus proclaimed and the implications of its transforming power lived out in every neighborhood in the Triad. If we have several Gospel Communities in an area we think there is potential for a church plant.

Another way we anticipate planting is by global sending. We are continually praying that God would raise up from within and give our people a passion for the gospel going to the nations. God loves the nations and we are committed to training and equipping missionaries and church planters to take the good news of Jesus to the nations so that they too might become worshippers of God!

Church Plants Supported Through One21 Church:

Netcast Church in Boston, MA

Redemption Church in Charlotte, NC

Church in The Triad in Greensboro, NC

Tapestry Church in Winston-Salem, NC